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Repair and disassembly information for the 2020 refresh of the MacBook Air model A2179 with an Intel processor that was released in March 2020.

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New battery installed and won’t get past Apple logo

Hi all, I have a MacBook Air A2179 and I had just installed a new battery as it previously would not get past the Apple logo and the cpu would get hot.

Once I remove the charger the laptop turns off straight away. Since the screen is attached it has to be connected to an external display.

I have attempted to reset SMC and PRAM as required but no change.

I have seen alot of others have the same symptoms and am reaching out for assistance as I have installed a new battery. I have attached photos of the board.

The battery connector is hot and the white light is on but the yellow light next to it is not.

Block Image

Block Image

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Well I’ve got some bad news here as you have a logic board issue within the charge control logic. There is a set of MOSFETs that often fail this will require someone with good micro soldering skills as Apple packed this board way to tight! Otherwise you’ll need a new logic board.

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It’s got power thought and boots to Apple logo that’s it. I might as well just sell it at this point.


I’ve started a return for the battery and listed my MacBook for sale. Seems like too much of an issue for me to learn how to solder and fix this (I’d like to).. Also throwing more money at it won’t help. Best bet is to save up money and buy an Apple Silicon.


I eventually sold this laptop to a buyer on eBay. I had messaged the buyer and he said all that was wrong with it, was the screen. He put in a new screen and everything worked ok. He had to DFU restore before putting macOS on it. Weird that the computer wouldn’t boot because no screen attached.



@fireaussie - Well that explains things as you didn't state the display was not attached! If I had known that I would have recommended running the system in Clamshell Mode using an external display, keyboard & mouse, so the external monitor was active (the internal fully connected even if it wasn't working)


@fireaussie thats impossible. also on your post photo battery connector is not fully seated.


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I think that the battery is defective. Without a working battery connected, this model will throttle the processor so hard that it takes an indefinite amount of time to boot.

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A working battery which I've tested as it can still power on and stay on this screen without being charged, works. I'm doubting that it would be a defective battery. I'm familiar with your answer, as I've seen it on another Macbook I own. But I'm more leading to maybe a screen not attached or the power management system?

To future viewers, I'm willing to learn to test if this is the case with a multimeter and such, not sure how to take upon the scary board schematics. :D

But OP, thanks for trying to assist.


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