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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Is a Mid-Tier phone released by Samsung on March 17, 2021

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Phone suddenly stopped turning on. Any Advice?

So today my phone stopped powering on, it only draws 5V at 0.21A, from what it sounds like the motherboard is bad, however is it possible that it could be the battery? If this is a mainboard problem, what could cause this? If anyone could maybe point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Update: I am 99% certain it is a motherboard problem at this point. If anyone knows what I should check first or any advice at all please comment below.

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Hi @bh_j39200

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet just prior to this happening?

Here's the SM A536B Troubleshooting section from the service manual that may help.

Go to p.22 (of 92) onwards to view the procedures to check for a No Power situation

Update (01/21/24)


No easy way at board level unless it is a visibly obvious damaged component. You just have to follow the checks.

Start at p.24. It's listed in order what components to check.

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No it wasn't dropped, and I keep it away from liquids. It just stopped powering on. Only draws about 5V 0.21A off a 20W Charger, I have tried hard resets, etc. I am positive it is a hardware problem, but I am trying to figure out what.



Click on the link inserted in my answer and go to the page I suggested. It shows what to check


Checked the battery and its at 4.0V, power button is at the correct voltage. This seems to be a motherboard problem. Do you know what component on the motherboard could cause a no power issue? Or is there a easy way to find out?


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