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16:9 LCD monitor with a 1600x900 resolution display.

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Minimizing visibility of these lines?

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Well, my throwaway display developed 5 lines in storage. It's being used with the Mac Mini 2012, but these lines developed in storage.

Any way to minimize the visibility of these lines, or is the display toast?

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@nick those are the lines that appear when the connections from your driver boards become disconnected from the LCD panel. They are bonded via a special process and this can't be fixed or minimize unless you have space between the case and the appropriate ribbon cable, to apply some downward pressure. I usually try some fairly rigid thermal material and wedge it between teh case and the corresponding COF. It's a workaround and not a fix but may keep your monitor going for a while longer.

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On one hand, it's a server display so if it's not mission critical in the sense I need it to be perfect. Maybe it's worth a try, but the display is also super old.

I should probably start to look for a replacement, preferably with HDMI onboard so I can stop using the DVI>HDMI adapter while I look into seeing if that will help.


@nick that'' ll be up to you. It doesn't sound like you are doing mission critical work on that, so why not just keep using it the way it is.


@oldturkey03 Might be better to use it as is being it's a server display and then when it gets worse or I see a good deal on a replacement, just retire it. I just need it to verify things when I can't access it remotely.


@nick That's what I'd do as well :-)


@oldturkey03 Heh, I got it for $1 years ago. That's why I kept it around, even with the adapter issue as DVI got phased out. Probably won't get that lucky again, but I can probably find something decent used or open box.


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