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Screen fades to black after 5 minutes

My Vizio E55-E2 will power on and work fine. After 5 minutes the screen will begin to glitch (not backlight) and then the screen will fade to black. The audio is still playing.

If I use the remote to put the screen to sleep (it’s a vizio feature) and then press any button it will turn the screen back on.

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@christophe58813 since this happens after a short time, it is possible that this is a cold solder joint on one of your boards. since you still have audio my suspicion would be either the T-con board or the main board. Remove the back cover from your TV and visually inspect the boards. See if you find any obvious issue. Post some pictures of your boards with your Question so we can see what you see. It is also possible that this is a panel error but you'll have to rule out the boards first. Adding images to an existing question

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