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Who do you use for battery suppliers?

Who do you use for battery replacements.

My main 5 brands I can get for batteries are vividfx, ampsentrix, fullbar, powercell, and xcap.

I'm not affiliated with them, but I've had major hit and miss with ampsentrix, fullbar, and vividfx

And when I Google those brands I can't find many reviews, any input or recommendation is needed, thanks!

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@blvckhoodie take a look at who's house we are in :-) Somehow self evident that we are using Phone Batteries

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I am a big fan of ifixit and the right to repair, but I also like having options


@oldturkey03 I love ifixit tools and for special order parts, but it's not super feasible as a full time shop. Other distributors offer batteries that include the bms flex so the pop up message doesn't display. I'm asking on ifixits forum because it's the biggest one pertaining to cell phone repair


@blvckhoodie totally get it and totally understand but we got to honor the host :-) BTW for those batteries that iFixit does not have I prefer xcap. Not a very objective choice but I have had excellent results with those and another really decent company Evaluating High Capacity Batteries (Part II)


@oldturkey03 absolutely :) excellent write up too, that actually helped way more than you know!


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