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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for the first year of the 15-inch MacBook Air, featuring Apple's M2 SoC. Released on June 13th, 2023 and identified by model number A2941.

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Scuff marks and scratches on lid

I’ve only had my macbook for a few months but I’ve already managed to scruff and scratch the lid slightly :/ The larger scuff in particular seems to have taken off a layer of the finish - is there anything at all I can do to fix it?

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Block Image

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Think how black paint over wood looks after being chipped off all you can do is try masking the blemish. And just like paint there are many shades! You can try a marker or car patching lacquer but it will show a bit.

I personally prefer just embrace the wear or cover it with a plastic skin! Carbon fiber or vinyl leopard or Moon print are my go to’s

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