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Why is slow charging working but faster chagering not

I have an Samsung A03s, it will slow charge but anything that can do faster charging will not charge and if I try to use the faster cable, I need to restart the phone to be able to slow charge again.

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I can't speak for the A03, but others should be similar.

My S10 will fast charge and my S21 will fast charge and super fast charge.

For the S21, it needs to be set and the settings are under Settings/battery/charging settings for the S21

HOWEVER, I have found that some "fast charge" cables do not work.

I have also found some "fast charge" adapters don't work and some that will shut down because they can't output their rated current.

In order to fast charge or super fast charge, the phone must communicate with the adapter. The cable or the adapter might be causing a problem with that. For SUPER fast charging, you must be plugged into a PD adapter.

For fast charging, the cable and adapter must be rated for QC3 operation. For Super fast, it must be a PD adapter and the cable must be have USB3 C connectors on both ends to use it. I would also recommend a GaN charger.

The one I have is unfortunately no longer available on AliExpress, but you might find one similar.

I can tell you this cable works for QC3 fast charging.

If your charger doesn't have a display on it as mine above has, buy an inline monitor. That way you can tell instantly if the fast charge is working. Voltage will start at 5V but will change to 9V for QC3. It may go to 12V if it is a newer QC protocol.

This cable DOES NOT work.

Niether does this charger.

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Thanks but I am not asking for fast charging, I was asking for regular speed charging, look at a comment below for more info.


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@ianmackie your phone may not support fast charging. Go to Settings>Battery and Device Care> Battery> More Battery Options and see if it gives you a fast charging option. If it does, turn it on. You will need a 15W power adapter to achieve that. If it is not supported there is nothing you can do to fast charge it.

Update (03/17/24)

@ianmackie ah now that makes sense. It is not properly charging. Let's forget about that whole fast charging stuff :-). Have you checked your charger to make sure it has proper output. If yes, and if this would be my phone, I would consider replacing the charging board. Those are known to get a bit flaky and not being sure how old your phone is, I would also replace the battery. It may be at a point where it just no longer either holds a charge or takes a charge because of issues with the battery management board.

Since iFixit does not yet have specific guides for those tasks, use this oneSamsung Galaxy A03s Screen Replacement to replace the battery, the charging board and do check the flex cable from the charging board to the main board, those tear and do come loose as well.

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It likely doesn't, however it supports regular charging, this only started a few days ago. I woke up and it was not charging at even though it was plugged in at 32% , I did get a new cable but nothing happens. It seems that any cable that is supported and doesn't slow charge will not work. It only gives a notification a usb cable is connected. Also if you try to use a supported cable, no cable works and a restart is required.


Thanks but how do I check the output? Never heard of that am using a jack and a cable both capable of super fast charging. I think the cable was able to go up to 60 W, it was a $30 cable. Also my phone about 3 years old and it was only $300.


@ianmackie you’ll need a USB-C ammeter. It’ll show you if your phone is getting the power and how many amps it’ll pull.


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