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Repair and disassembly information for the Nokia G22 Android smartphone, first released in March 2023, built by HMD Global. Identified by model numbers TA-1516 or TA-1528.

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Nokia G22 keeps rebooting at random moments

My Nokia G22 keeps rebooting at random moments. Sometimes it reboots while I'm using the phone, sometimes when I'm not using it. As far as I can tell, all my apps are up to date and I have enough memory and storage available (usually >1GB RAM and >50GB storage). As far as I can tell it doesn't happen when I'm using any specific apps. A reboot also occured when the phone was in safe mode.

Sometimes it reboots five times in an hour, at other times it can go days without going through a weird reboot.

When it reboots, the screen freezes for a second and then goes black for about a minute. Then it quickly boots back up, without showing the android logo or playing the Nokia jingle like it would after a normal boot or reboot.

The unlock screen reads "Need pin after rebooting", so the phone does recognize it as a reboot.

I also sometimes feel it buzzing a few times in rapid succession before it reboots, similar to the buzz it makes when unlocking with the fingerprint sensor.

Another issues I have experienced is that sometimes phone keeps hanging at the login screen. I enter mij PIN and press enter, but the phone does nothing. I can see the button being pressed (multiple times) but it doesn't unlock.

Any ideas what it could be? Hardware or software?

EDIT: a full factory reset fixed all problems!

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Hi @leadstripes,

Does it do this with the charger connected?

To clear the cache you have to do it for individual apps.

Go to Settings → Apps → select desired app → Storage → Clear cache.


@jayeff I think it also does it when the charger is connected. After leaving my phone charge overnight, I've woken up to the "Need pin after rebooting" message



For the sake of elimination, enable the data saver setting and check if the problem occurs.

Go to Settings → Network and Internet → Data Saver.

This should prevent any background internet connections unbeknownst to you from happening that may be overloading the hardware, causing it to shutdown and then restart.

As I said, just trying to eliminate things.

Once you can make the problem happen (or stop) you're halfway there to finding out what's causing it. ;-)


I've turned it on, no to wait and see if anything happens (or not). Funnily enough, no reboots have been happening today at all.


Well, it just rebooted with data saver on. So I guess it wasn't that. I was using a podcast app for the first time today, so I'll see if that might be the cause


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You may have to get drastic and backup the phone to the cloud or a computer and then perform a factory reset.

Once the reset has been done and you have set it up again, leave it that way until you're satisfied either it is still failing or not.

If it is still failing it is a hardware problem.

If it doesn't fail, then restore the phone to what it was before the reset, using the backup you made earlier and check again.

If it is still OK then the reset has fixed the problem.

If it starts to fail again, it is a software problem. You will have to start finding out which app is causing it to happen.

Be aware that a factory reset will erase all your personal data and downloaded apps. It will reset the phone back to its factory default condition. That's why you perform a backup first.

Also if there's a Google account associated with the phone, you will need to know the user ID and password for the account as this is required to be entered into the phone when setting it up again after a factory reset. This is due to the FRP lock (factory reset protection) that has been enabled by the reset.

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I was afraid I might have to do that.


Did it work for you?

I've been having the same issue for months and reverted to using my tablette as my phone when my Nokia G22 was acting up. It's super frustrating!


Yes, the full factory reset fixed everything! My guess is now that some kind of update wasn't installed correctly


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Have you tried clearing the cache?

Update (03/25/24)

Yeah. From recovery mode. Usually solves other software issues. If that doesn't work then I would probably open it up and look for any visible damage.

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Do you mean from recovery mode? I haven't yet. I'll give it a try


Well I tried to access recovery mode, but it got stuck on the "Powered by android" screen, with a little "Fastboot mode" notification in the top left. I tried pressing a few buttons but wasn't able to access any menu


What guide to recovery mode did you use?


Turn off power, then hold volume down+power until the android logo appears


There might be a requirement to have the phone connected as with samsung phones


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Well I will suggest you to checkout the following thread:


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