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Flashing led, no power

I have a Samsung UN55D6050TFXZA that has a flashing led on the front but won’t turn on. I have replaced the power board and the control board. No joy. Help.

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@jrcspnkr117 let us know if you observed a pattern to the blink also let us know what control board (T-Con or Mainboard). There are numerous possibilities and the next step would be to disconnect the main board form the power board. Then plug the TV back in. It should turn on and show the backlights on. That way you know it is not the backlights that cause this.

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Replaced the main board. Don’t even know what a T-con board is. LED has a pattern. Not sure how to describe it. Unplugged the main board from the power supply. The backlight did not come on. Checked voltages. Pin 3 and 5 have 12.6v, pins 7 and 9 have 17.7v, and pin 13 has 5v, but all are intermittent. And there is a regular click or pulse sound coming from the small board at the lower center of the tv.


Okay… now I know what a T-con board is.


@jrcspnkr117 it would be nice to know what pattern it shows. If unsure how to describe it, you can always add a short video of it with you Question. Add it just like you would add images Adding images to an existing question This "The backlight did not come on." is unusual. Tell us about the intermittent voltages. Those should all be steady voltages with no varying values but since you already replaced the power board and the main board you only have the T-con board and the panel left. Oh yes, and the backlights. I believe that your TV is one of those that refuses to come on when the back lights are not pulling the voltages from the power board. That is what created a BL error and may cause the blink error. If you can post some good pictures of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see.


Added a video to my original post. Could the intermittent voltages be related to the intermittent sound coming from the smaller board?


By the way, thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I really appreciate it.


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