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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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My phone wont turn on!

I tried to take off the capacitor and that made the phone turn on, but after a few days when i was deleting the google hangouts app, THE PHONE suddenly turned off (i forgot to charge it) And when i charged it, nothing is happening, no display no nothing. How can i fix my nostalgia yall 😭😭😭

Update (04/08/24)

Block Image

Anyone wondering, this is the capacitor i took off

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@fixingnostalgia which capacitor did you try to take off and why? What have you checked and what have you tried (other than charging it)? Is this still the original battery? Do you have some hand tools (small screwdrivers, voltmeter etc.) to work on your phone?


@oldturkey03 The one near the black chip I took it off to make the phone work again

And yes i do have some screwdrivers


@fixingnostalgia you checked your charger and your charging cable? Is that working okay? Have you checked your battery? What voltage does it show? what voltage on the battery connector does it show when you plug your phone in? Left and Right outer contacts are the positive and negative leads.


@oldturkey03 It just heats up when i chsrge it


@fixingnostalgia it is okay to warm up but it should never get hot. If it does it's time to replace it.


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Hi @fixingnostalgia

Here's the service manual for the phone that may help.

When you have downloaded the manual, go to Sect. 8-5 (p.33 of 107) to view the Power On troubleshooting flowchart.

Like all good manuals it has board layouts showing the location of the components mentioned in the flowcharts and also a parts list as well in case any parts need to be replaced. Search online for Samsung (insert part number of required part) to find suppliers that suit you best.

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