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Repair information for miscellaneous tools.

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Tools for smartwatch repair

Hi i am looking for relevant tools to repair smartwatch with respect to hardware and software.

I am using amazfit gts 2 mini

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Hi @shubh8030

ifixit has a range of pry and opening tools that should be able to open the watch.

Here's a video that may help you to open the watch

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Thanks for sharing the video it will really help, I am also looking for software tools to fix its software



You may be out of luck as far as software is concerned as the manufacturer's only provides a user manual and EU conformity certificate on their support page for the watch and no software downloads.

You could always try contacting Amazfit on support@amazfit.com and ask them. It never hurts to ask ;-)


Yeah I did it but they are asking for money to fix 😄



You never know, replacing the battery might fix the software.

When you have disconnected the battery either do not reconnect the replacement battery for a few hours and then connect and assemble etc and fully charge the battery before turning the watch on or if the Power On button is still connected to the motherboard, with the battery not connected, press and hold the button operated for 30 seconds.

This will drain any residual power from the board and hopefully might correct any software glitches.

Won't hurt to try as the watch is disassembled anyway.


That’s good way to give a try thanks a lot will update you soon 👍


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  1. An ability to open the device (iOpener)
  2. A razor (not one that you use to shave) (Buy one here)
  3. A spudger (any one works but here is ifixit's)
  4. Tweezers (pointed screwdrivers are important)
  5. Picks (a guitar pick works too)
  6. A screwdriver with a set of screw heads (ifixit's)

These tools are for apple watch repair, your's might be different but hopefully this is all you need

Tweezers Изображение




iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6) Изображение


iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


iOpener Изображение




Curved Razor Blade Изображение


Curved Razor Blade


iFixit Opening Tool Изображение


iFixit Opening Tool


Moray Driver Kit Изображение


Moray Driver Kit


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Thanks for sharing 😄


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