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Repair and disassembly guides and support for wall oven appliances.

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GE wall oven JT952WF4WW sometimes does not heat

I have a GE double wall oven model no JT952WF4WW, it works fine for a short time, it stops working when is becomes hot and does not work again until it cools down. when the one oven stops working the other oven does the same. could this be a thermal fuse?

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Hi @rami97012

Is there an error code being displayed on the control panel, when the problem occurs?

According to the technical service guide for your model, there is no oven thermal switch used in the 30" oven models, only in the 27" models but there is a lock thermal switch used which may be the cause of the problem - see p.35, although if it is the problem there should be an F9 error code being displayed.

On p.38 there's a schematic diagram for your model that may also help.

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