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Released in 2019. this model is 55 inches and is 4k UHD.

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Tv does not turn on sometimes, red light blinks and red light stays on

Sometimes the tv doesnt turn on, sometimes it does after several tries but turning it on is a hassle. I have noticed that after clicking the power button from remote if the red light in tv goes off then the tv turns on otherwise if the red light just blinks and goes red again then it doesnt turn on. What should i do?

Not just from remote it doesnt turn on from the tv itself aswell

Tv number is UN55NU6900f

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@kalathiyad17654 sounds like an issue with the power board but it can also be the main board. You will have o inspect it and do some basic measurements. You need a voltmeter/multi meter for that. You will have to make sure that your TV at least shows the power LED on. No buttons pushed and the Power LED is lit, that means you have standby voltage.

Use the power troubleshooting steps from the manual Samsung NU6900F Power Troubleshooting. It is for the 65" model but the voltages are identical. If you have any trouble with that, post a couple of good pictures of your boards with your Question. that way we can see what you see and hopefully guide you further if needed.

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