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The Sony ICF-7600D is a compact, microprocessor-controlled, dual conversion portable receiver first produced in 1983. This model is the European version of the ICF-2002 model.

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Can you “recap” an otherwise “great condition” ICF-7600 D”

Asking where I can find someone to recap my ICF-7600 D.

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Hi @constantin32794

Here's the service manual that may help.

It has disassembly instructions, a schematic wiring diagram and a parts list. All the things you need to help you to restore the radio.

The wiring diagram and parts list are particularly useful if any component has been damaged and you don't know what value (or even what type) it is and you need to replace it.

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Is it still functional? If so, I would let it be unless there are actually signs that the capacitors are starting to fail. (Given the age, I would not be surprised). If it is not working properly, it's definitely a good place to start especially if the capacitors are bulging, or shows signs of leak.

If you're looking for someone to actually do this service for you, it's all dependent on where you're located. These are old enough that recapping them would probably not require a huge amount of expertise if you have soldering equipment and some know-how. There are certainly folks around the web who offer this as a service, but you might ask locally to see if there is a repair place close to you.

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