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Scanner with Auto Document Feeder, released in 2017.

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Gray zone on one side of Scan


I have an ADF scanner that failed to scan documents, from one day to the next.

On one side (the front side), a zone is completely dark gray, about 5cm wide:

Block Image

The reverse side is okay:

Block Image

Do you have experience with this kind of device? I haven't disassembled the scanner yet. Viewing some videos, I carefully cleaned the sensor's glass with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol, with no luck: nothing changed. I suppose the gray zone is too wide to be caused by a dirty glass.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Might be related:

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I suppose the contact image sensor is dead. After 3 hours of trying to disassemble the device, here are the reference parts:

* The first side ("recto"): Brother D00S3P001

* The second side ("verso"): Brother D00S3N001

The second side is the same sensor, with an additional plastic part with 3 screws.

The sensor is a Lite-On DL520-01UHF-D. This is very hard to find and expensive. This part is shared by both the Brother ADS-2700W and the Brother ADS-2200. You can find a Brother ADS-2200 working for less than the sensor itself...


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Today the price is 56,02 euros on Alibaba.

Not so expensive, nor difficult

Done quite the same for a Canoscan a few months ago.

Here's the link to download the service manual for your scanner


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