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Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in March of 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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How to replace the camera glass?

The glass cover for the rear facing cameras is broken on my phone. I found guides for replacing the entire back, which doesn't include the glass camera cover and bezel, and a guide for replacing the back camera module, which doesn't need replacing. How do I replace the glass covering the back facing cameras?

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Hi Parker,

The camera glass on your phone is pretty much the same as with most other phones; basically it's just a piece of glass glued onto the back cover. So the process of replacing it is to pry off the old broken glass, clean it carefully and stick on a new piece of glass; it really isn't any more complicated than that. Here's a video showing someone doing just that.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ S10 How to replace camera glass - YouTube

If you want to be absolutely sure about protecting the cameras themselves, you might consider removing the back cover completely before starting, but if the glass isn't shattered with shards everywhere then leaving the cover on would be a reasonable option. As you work, take care not to touch or damage the cameras or their lenses themselves, and use care when cleaning off the old adhesive as well; don't want to get alcohol in the cameras if you can help it.

As far as the glass, that's pretty easy to find; it's available on the major sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress, among others. Here's one of the first examples that came up on my rather cursory search.

Amazon.com: Perzework 2 Pcs Original Back Rear Camera Lens Glass Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus with pre-Installed Adhesive and Reparing Toolkit : Cell Phones & Accessories

Good luck; be sure to come on back and let us know how it all turns out! Take lots of pictures as you work, then you can use them to create your own iFixit guide to that repair for those who come after you with the same problem. It's easy, fun and you'll have the respect of the repair community.

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Thanks so much! I will definitely take pictures of the process and try to create my own guide to help others!!


It turned out great! My dad helped me out since I don't have much patience or finesse for small things that require both. Thanks again for the advice. I did take photos so I'll try to see about creating a guide when I get a chance!


@parkerhimley That's awesome, Parker! I'm glad we were able to help. Congratulations on a successful repair - you've saved a bunch of money and helped contribute to the health of the planet by reducing electronic waste.


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