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iPod battery connector dislocated

Recently my ipod got locked wih lock icon near the battery. I had to reset the power by removing the battery plug from the connector. The lock icon disappeared after that and ipod was all ok till after 2 days it started all new problem of "please wait battery low".I have tried all options on earth resetting (never getting reset) , disconnecting the battery hardrive etc and it refuse o charge.

I think accidentally i broke the battery connector later I think during opening it 4-5 time.The connector has come out of the slot but the 4 pins on he board are still intact.When i insert the connector back into the pis I still get the low battery error. This should mean its working.

guys do u think broken connector can be issue for the low battery error.Can it be fixed back.


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Yup, that is your battery connector. Since the connector broke of the logic board, there are only two solutions. One is to get another connector from an old logic board and have somebody knowledgeable with SMD components solder it on. The only other way is to replace the logic board. If you lost the connector it is available at places like this.

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