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The iRobot Roomba 560, an automated vacuum cleaner, was released in 2009.

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roomba 560 got wet and now it doesnt go forward

at first i noticed a broken wheel, so i replaced it.

irobot local dealer says that when it gets wet the motherboard dies and isnt worth fixing (he wants me to buy a new one)

if its a motherboard problem, cant i just change the motherboard? or might it also be a sensor problem?

how do i make sure it is a motherboard issue and not senssor?


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hi gidon, please advise how did you acquire the replacement motherboard, as i suffered a similar watery experience?



Just replaced a motherboard. Works fine now. The old one got just a tad wet while trying to clean the Roomba. I am now trying to fix the original motherboard in my spare time. Not easy to do. There are a dozen plus discrete transistors on the board all capable of toasting themselves on exposure to water.


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Gidon Ben Ezra, get the service manual from here. Your Roomba actually has a self-diagnostics mode. It is pretty extensive and it has it in the manual. It will allow you to test the battery as well as other vital functions.Of course, if it indeed got wet, you want to remove the battery, disassemble your Roomba and clean the logic board. Use this Wiki to get an idea how and what to clean. You may have some corrosion issues, as well as a short circuit, but if you do not take a look at it, you'll never know. Hope this helps, good luck.

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My Roomba wasn't working either. Opened up the Roomba and noticed corrosion on the motherboard over the Clean button and the control panel only. It wasn't moving but everything would light up. The battery was charging fine it just wouldn't react to any commands via the button on top of the motherboard. However, I was able to beam commands to it through an IR blaster. When I send commands to it that way it works fine. Its a bummer that I cant just press the Clean button but at least it works. It still works perfectly fine even though the buttons no longer work. Maybe your problem is similar and it only got a bit wet but it could still function if you control it via a remote control instead of its control panel. Just an idea.

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