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Replacement of touch screen?

I have a LUMIX ZS10 with a brocken touch screen after 8 weeks use.Panasonic quotes $200 for repair,cost of new from amazon $190.Therefore no loss in trying to fix myself.

Any information on where I can buy a replacement screen?

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alan peake, not a real terrible job:-) Few things you have to do :"

Remove the Side Ornament (L) / (R) :


SD Card


4 Screws (A)

2 Locking tabs

Side Ornament (L)

Side Ornament (R)

To remove the Rear Case Unit :


2 Screws (B)

Rear Case Unit

To remove the Front Case Unit:

1 Screw (C)

Front Case Unit

To remove the LCD Unit


FP9006 (Flex)

FP9007 (Flex)

FP9008 (Flex)

2 Locking tabs

LCD Unit

Now here is where it can get interesting, this camera apparently has a separate backlight, so be careful with the flex cables.

I attached a few images that should help you. The parts image 24-1 shows the touch panel. The part number is VYK5C81 and it is available for around $70 at places like this.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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