Pieces missing on logic board

My macbook had a little fall to the ground and after that it did not want to start up.

It does power up, and the white light goes on. But nothing on the screen.

So i took the back panel off and took a look around. I saw 2 missing pieces on the logic board. 2 small square resistors i guess.

My question is if these are possible to fix? I did not find the ones that where broken off.

Anyone know what type or where i can get this "resistors"?

Or can i just solder on some wire


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You may get a bit more help if you at least post an image of where the components are. It is not clear by your description what components could be missing.


+ what he said - resistors (and other parts) have color codes to help identify them. A clear sharp image of them, and where you think they may have popped off from would be very helpful. The more information you provide, the more assistance we can give


Here is a picture of the missing parts. Marked out in red: http://i672.photobucket.com/albums/vv81/...


I have now got solderd on the parts that fell off. And still nothing.

I have not tried heating it. That could do the trick. Thanks :)


Have you made sure the pieces were aligned appropriately? As in (+) and (-).

What part hit the ground first?


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If nothing works as you tired soldering so far, give a try directly connecting two ends of each fallen off capacitors. See if that works.

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Those look more like capacitors to me.

Although the probability of them falling off is very small.

Have you tried running the mainboard out of the case and heating it up with a heat gun? Sometimes that works.

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