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Check out the Capresso Infinity Troubleshooting Page if you are having difficulty with your conical burr grinder.

Background and Identification

The Capresso Infinity is a conical burr coffee grinder. The #565 is a model within the range of Infinity grinders. This device is medium sized, heavy, and has a stainless steel finish. The containers for the beans and coffee grinds are made of a clear plastic. The top bean container’s capacity is 8.8 oz and the ground coffee container’s capacity is 4 oz. This device also has sixteen grind settings, composed of four categories that each have four settings. These settings vary from Turkish fine to very coarse, and the built-in timer sets the grind between 5 and 60 seconds.

Additional Information

Capresso Infinity Website

Capresso Infinity Instruction Manual

Capresso Infinity Grind Difference Instructions

Amazon Product Page

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