This will allow you to properly remove and replace the keyboard.

Remove the charger from the laptop.
  • Remove the charger from the laptop.

  • Turn the laptop over and locate the battery slide lock. Slide the switch and gently lift up the battery.

  • If you are replacing other components, leave the battery out.

  • If you are only replacing the battery, reverse the steps to install a new battery.

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Open laptop lid and extend screen until it is parallel with the keyboard.
  • Open laptop lid and extend screen until it is parallel with the keyboard.

  • Locate the notch in the upper right corner of the keyboard (just above the 'page up' button).

  • Insert the plastic spudger and very gently lift the faceplate. It will make a soft snapping sound.

  • Set aside.

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  • Locate the three philips head screws above the keyboard. One is above the 'Pause/Break' key; one above the F7 key and one above the 'Esc' key. Remove all three.

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  • Gently lift top of keyboard and lay forward on palm rest.

  • Locate blue pull tab and gently disconnect ribbon cable from motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I am the author of a high-altitude cookbook. I self-publish. My "A" key decided to stop working on my dell XP, and then the internet would not connect. When I finally purchased a new computer Windows 8, I discovered I could not format it for my hp business injet 2300. This printer is a duplexer, and key to my cookbook business. The other problem was Quark Express 6.1 would not work on it. Two thousand plus seemed a little high for a new Quark. After fiddling around with the internal keyboard and using the "copy and replace function" I decided on a new keyboard. Found a new one on ebay cheap. The instructions here were a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I now have my XP back working like new. The Windows 8 can be for the internet,

DAWN KLEIN - Ответить

Thank you very much. I am glad it helped and your back up and running. Just a side note: Be careful using Windows XP on the Internet these days, since it no longer receives security updates from Microsoft. Thanks again!

Henry -

You gave great directions. I never reassembled something I took apart. Worked like a charm Thanks so much!!!

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