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Getting Started With Guides


Guides are great, easy-to-use tools that allow you to illustrate technical procedures to any audience. Our guides are used for everything, from replacing the logic board on an iPad Mini to calibrating a CNC machine. This overview will help you get started with Dozuki and show you the benefits of using Dozuki for your documentation.

The foundation for any good manual is clear and effective step-by-step documentation. This means that the documentation presented is both easy to understand and develop. Our guide creation tools make it easy to write, edit, and publish guides. To start a new guide, just select your desired category, or select "Guide" on the New Page tool.

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Guide Introduction

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When editing a guide, you will first find yourself on the Guide Introduction tab. In this tab you can enter information, like flags or a summary, to help your user become more acquainted with your procedure.


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The Details tab is where you can provide essential information to a guide. Ensure greater success for your users by listing everything they need to know for the procedure—required parts and tools, procedure difficulty, and procedure length. You can also add prerequisite steps onto the guide. To access the Details tab, click the middle tab at the top of the page while editing a guide.

Guide Steps

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The Guide Steps tab is where you create the unique steps for any guide. Add images and markers to make your guide as engaging as it is informative. Use explanatory text, bullets, notes, and markers to make your instructions as clear as possible.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You're a busy person. You know what's great for that? Keyboard Shortcuts. Use these shortcuts to quickly navigate while viewing a guide:

  • j: Move to the next step of the guide.
  • k: Move to the previous step of the guide.
  • shift+j: Go to the bottom of the guide.
  • shift+k: Go to the top of the guide.

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