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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G4, Carnegie Fall 2018

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Тег команды: EWU-CARNEGIE-F18S1G4

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Hello I am Anthony, I have plenty of experience working in both great teams and awful ones and I will try to bring as much of that experience into this group as I can in order to help us succeed. I am a VCD major and wish to gain more knowledge regarding team work in order to apply it to my career. I have broken down and observed some electronics before out of curiosity and believe that it could help with this project.

I am Maranda Queen and I am majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry with Forensic option. This is my first year at EWU. Throughout college I have gained plenty of experience of working with teams. I do not have a lot of experience with DIYs when it comes to electronics but have done craft versions of DIYs in the past. I am interested in being a part of decreasing the e-waste that has accumulated over the years.

I am Sarah Olson. Our team groups goal is to slow the buildup of E-waste by providing Troubleshooting Guides that help support others abilities to fix their own items. I have had many group projects and it is nice to have a team all working on the same overall goal.

I am a Public Health Major at Eastern Washington University and it will be my life's goal helping the public near or far have the best health and quality of life possible. Being able to use this interface to support thousands of people fix their own items and intern decrease a major problem in our environment.

I’m Philip Halverson, I am an Electrical Engineering Student at EWU. I am a Marine Corps veteran with many years of teamwork experience, and organizational skills. I have a high mechanical aptitude, and I love to work with my hands including woodworking and automotive repair. I also have extensive experience troubleshooting, and correcting faults in electrical systems.