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Rethink Waste Project

The Rethink Waste Project provides resources to the Deschutes County, Oregon community to prevent waste, reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost locally. To this end, we began organizing Repair Cafes in Bend Oregon in November 2013.


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The Rethink Waste Project (www.RethinkWasteProject.org) is a project of The Environmental Center.

Here at The Environmental Center, we believe that a sustainable future hinges on how we live our daily lives. After all, it’s at home, at school, and at work where we make most of the choices that really matter. Our day-to-day job at The Environmental Center is to help our community take practical, local action that makes a difference for people and the planet. We do that through Educating Kids (we deliver a variety of programs on sustainability to the future generation of thinkers, teachers and leaders, including the Kansas Ave Learning Garden), Advocating for Clean Energy and Sustainable Neighborhoods (2 new initiatives), Engaging Our Community (we bring people and businesses together to learn about and celebrate sustainability in our community through events like Earth Day Fair and Sustainability Awards) and helping our community go Towards Zero Waste through our Rethink Waste Project. You can find more information on those programs and more through our website at www.envirocenter.org.