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Our midrange unit comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports and two regular USB-C ports. That's double the base model, but not much for a desktop. Maybe there's room internally for expansion?

But hey, if it's color options you're after, you're in luck—there are more of those than there are ports.

The circular power port looks like something out of the Matrix. Better take this iMac apart quick, before it learns kung fu.

The foot features a new model number: A2438 plus the unique EMC 3663, and touts "Made in Thailand."

Historically iMacs were assembled in China, while a few were built in the States. China may be on the outs due to recent tensions (and tariffs).

The M1 iMac is two iPads thin—not deep enough for a headphone jack, so iMac turned its jack sideways to fit.

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