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Huzzah! The M1 iMac still uses the classic iMac adhesive—it's not quite the goopy iPad nightmare that we feared.

We don't love glued-together desktops—but if you insist, then this sort of split-friendly foam adhesive has been our go-to recommendation since we first encountered it in the 2012 iMac. It carves open easily with our handy-dandy cutting wheel.

It's not all familiar though. The surprisingly shallow cutting action is disconcertingly bumpy—fortunately, our pizza cutter is just rolling over a series of protective plastic screw posts, nothing delicate.

Unlike on past iMacs, it has a single piece of glass—no metal chin to block access to internals. Good slack in the cables and no booby traps!

We can't wait to take a look at those radiator-looking bits—could they be speaker chambers?

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