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Ученик, из нашей образовательной программы, сделал это руководство. Он не входит в персонал iFixit.

The Computer Will Not Power on

Your computer won't respond to any keyboard or button presses.

Faulty Power Adapter

Your power adapter may not be working because of technicalities such as incorrectly plugged in adapter or one that is outdated , so make sure your power adapter, or power cord is plugged into both the wall outlet and the computer. If both ends are plugged in, check that the charge light is on. If the light is not on, your power adapter may be the problem. Consider acquiring a new power adapter.

Faulty Battery

If your computer won't turn on or respond to any button presses and your power adapter is fine, you likely have a dysfunctional or dead battery. Batteries become more problematic as time progresses. To replace the battery, refer to the following repair guide.

The Computer Is Overheating

Your computer is hot to the touch or making an excessive humming noise.

Overworked Fan

Spending too much time on your computer can cause it to overheat by overusing the CPU. It can take as quick as half an hour to over two hours depending on how much you're making your computer operate at one time. Take a break from using your computer, or be more conscious of how many programs are running at once. Let it cool down for an hour or limit your usage to one program at a time. Make sure you power down your computer properly by closing all programs before issuing the shut down.

Dusty Fan

Your computer's fan may be not operating properly, due to an over-accumulation of dust and other particles. Particles and dust will build-up over time because of dirty air intake. Locate the fan and find suggestions to the problem using the following repair guide.

Broken Fan

If your computer is heating up uncontrollably, and you don't hear any sound coming from the fan, you may have a broken fan. Replace the fan using the following repair guide.

The Programs Are Not Running Smoothly

Your laptop is taking too long to open programs and is prone to crashing.

Malicious Viruses

Contacting a computer virus will decrease the efficiency of your computer's operating system. There a wide range of possible viruses in there effects from stopping the user from using certain programs to complete takeover of your computer. Since a virus is an internal problem with the computer's software, talk to a tech support company.

Not Enough RAM

If your computer is taking too long to process, or is crashing regularly, this could be due to not having sufficient RAM. Use this repair guide to install more RAM.

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