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Ученик, из нашей образовательной программы, сделал это руководство. Он не входит в персонал iFixit.

Garmin GPSmap 60CSx Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page is designed to aid you in diagnosing issues related to your Garmin GPSmap 60CSx device.

Not Powering On

The device does not respond when attempting to turn it on.

Dead Batteries

Check that the batteries have not died. Replace the batteries if they are expired or corroded. To replace batteries follow this guide.

Broken Battery Terminal

The battery terminal may need to be replaced. Open the back of the GPS, check to see if the connection looks corroded, broken, or bent. To replace the battery terminal, follow instructions here: guide on replacing a faulty terminal.

Broken LCD Screen

There is the possibility that the GPS only appears to not be powering on because the screen is not functioning. Follow the instructions for “Blank or Faulty Screen” on this troubleshooting guide if this is the case.

Blank Screen

The device’s screen remains dark and blank when the device is powered on.

Faulty Screen Connections

The screen might not be connected to the device properly. You must open the device and check to see if the screen is plugged into the screen connector. To replace the screen follow this guide.

Broken LCD Screen

The screen may remain dark because the LCD screen itself is broken and needs to be replaced. Follow the instructions for “Blank or Faulty Screen” on this troubleshooting guide if this is the case.

Buttons Not Working

The keypad is not responding or the buttons are difficult to press.

Buttons Not Connecting to PCB

To check if buttons are connecting to the PCB, you can access the button test on the GPS. To do this you must hold the enter key while turning on the GPSMap 60CSx. This will bring you to a test screen that allows you to push each button to see if it is recognized. Follow this guide to replace the keypad buttons.

Dirty Buttons

Check to see if any gunk or debris have collected in the button. Use a paperclip with tissue on the end of it to remove debris. You can also add isopropyl alcohol to the tissue to further help with the cleaning. Follow instructions here to gain access to button panel.

Broken Buttons

Sometimes the internal structure of the button is compromised. Check to see if the internal part of the button is cracked, shattered, or broken. One solution to this is to replace the buttons. Follow this guide to replace the keypad buttons. Another possible fix is to put putty inside the button shell. This can hold the broken pieces together or replace them all together to allow the button to make contact again.

Unable to Read MicroSD Card

The device cannot recognize the MircoSD card while it is inserted.

Damaged MicroSD Card

If the device is unable to read the MicroSD card, try a new MicroSD card. If the second MicroSD card does not connect, try loading data directly from mapsource to an external MicroSD card reader that is connected to the device.

Unable to Import Data

MapSource will no longer recognize the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx.

Not Upgraded

If the device is unable to import data, upgrade your Mapsource software, the USB drivers, and WebUpdater to the latest version.

To update Mapsource go to:

To update the USB drivers follow this guide:

To update WebUpdater go to

Broken Cord

If the device still cannot import data, replace your USB cord.

Weak Batteries

Weak batteries can interrupt the connection to your computer. Examine the batteries for corrosion and test with a multimeter. If batteries are faulty, follow the Removal/Replacement of the Battery and Battery Terminal guide.

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