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Printer won't turn on

The printer doesn't do anything.

AC Cord issues

Before taking apart your printer, check to see if it is plugged in. If it is, check to see if the light on the AC adapter is turned on. If the light on the adapter is not on, it's a chord issue and you may need to replace your chord. Read on.

DC Cord issues

If the light is on, then there may be an issue on the other side of the chord. Use the voltameter to check the voltage running through the chord. Place one prong into the left opening on the chord and the other prong on the right opening. If you are not getting a voltage reading, then there's a problem with the chord and you may need to replace it. If you are getting a reading, read on.

Power outlet

If you get a voltage reading, then there may be an issue with the DC outlet in the printer. This will require you to open up the printer to fix the DC outlet. Fixing the outlet may call for removing it and replacing it.

Printer is making noises

Someone shut that printer up.

Unusual Noise

If your printer is making noises, while it's plugged in, open the cover. The ink cartridges should come out to the middle. If the noise occurs when the cartridge moves, then it has to do with the cartridges. You have located the problem. Unfortunately, if you want to get rid of the noise, then you are going to have to open the printer and either:

  • replace a part
  • oil the rail
  • tighten a screw
  • make sure there are no missing or loose parts

If a part needs to be replaced check one of our replacement guides:

HP Deskjet D1660 Encoder Strip Replacement

HP Deskjet D1660 Rollers Replacement

HP Deskjet D1660 Springs Replacement

HP Deskjet D1660 Gear Guard Replacement

HP Deskjet D1660 Power Button Replacement

Paper jam

The printer ate my homework.

Removing the paper

First, unplug the printer to prevent the cartridge from moving to the middle. Locate the jammed part of the paper. Gently pull the paper from the clutches of the printer's roller's grasp. Attempt to print the page again. If it works, then there was a problem with the paper. The paper had some rigidity to it, causing it to jam. If it jams again, read on.

Multiple occurrences

If your paper is getting jammed several times, check your paper. If a paper has any ripped parts or crumpled areas, then that might be causing the jam. Try with clean sheets of paper. If it still continues, there is a problem with your rotors, and you will have to open up the printer.

Printer not printing

It's coming out white.

Check cartridge

First, open up the printer from the front with the power on. The ink cartridge carriage should slide to the middle. If it doesn't slide to the middle, then there is a problem with the rail or the mechanism that slides it out. In that case, check online to see if there is a guide to fix the rail. If it does slide out, check the ink in the cartridges. If it seems like they are low, replace them with new ones. Run a test page and see if that fixes the problem. If not, read on.

Software issues

If it wasn't a cartridge problem, then it may be a software issue. Follow this link to see how to uninstall and reinstall the software on this printer.


Page feeding problem

Why isn't it detecting the paper?

Out of paper message

First, make sure the paper is all the way in the printer. If that doesn't work, remove the paper and place it in again. If that still doesn't work, try resetting the printer. To reset the printer, make sure it is off and remove the chord. Wait 30 seconds before you plug it back in. Try running a test page again and if it still doesn't work, read on.

Paper condition

Remove the paper and inspect it for any damage. Rips or tears can cause the problem. If there are any rips apparent in the paper, replace it and feed it back into the printer. Make sure there are 10 to 25 sheets of paper in the tray. If it still doesn't work, read on.

Internal issues

If it wasn't any of the previous issues, then the problem could be caused by the rollers or the sensors inside the printer. Look to see if the guide on how to clean/replace the rollers and sensors are uploaded. If that still doesn't fix your problem, then it is probably a software issue. For this, you will need to adjust the paper settings in the print driver.

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My 1660 power button will not turn the printer off unless I hold it in for at least 15 seconds. I have not been able to find any info. addressing this issue. If anyone knows how to fix this.......my

email address is:michael_cormier2003@yahoo.com

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A pen had somehow gotten in the printer I removed the pen now the paper jams everytime I print

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