HTC Wizard 100 Troubleshooting

Blank screen ¶ 

Your screen appears blank and you don't know what to do.

Hold power switch on ¶ 

It may be possible your phone is not powered on.

Drained or dead battery ¶ 

If the phone does not turn on, the battery may be dead. Try plugging it into your charger. If that doesn't work, then you need to purchase a new battery pack. If so, follow our guide to replace the battery.

Hard reset ¶ 

Before performing a hard reset, make sure you have backed up all your data. ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED. Hold the comm button and voice manager for 5 seconds. Then, using the stylus, press the reset button.

Bad display ¶ 

Your display may be broken. In this case, you may need to replace it by following our guide to replace the display.

Bad motherboard ¶ 

If none of the above troubleshooting tips fix your problem, most likely the motherboard needs to be replaced. To replace the motherboard, please follow our guide on replacing the motherboard.

Malfunctioning Camera ¶ 

The camera doesn't display anything when its turned on.

Replace the Camera ¶ 

Your camera may be broken. In this case, you may need to follow our guide on replacing the camera.

No Sound ¶ 

There is no sound coming from my phone.

Replace the speakers ¶ 

The speakers might be broken. If this is the case, a speaker replacement might be necessary. To do this, follow our speaker removal guide.

Stylus not working ¶ 

The phone does not respond to the stylus.

Turn the phone off and back on ¶ 

This is just powering the phone off and then back on, not to be confused with a hard reset.

Screen cable might be disconnected from the motherboard ¶ 

This is a more complicated fix. You will need to follow our repair guide on replacing the motherboard.

Battery dies extremely fast ¶ 

Your phone dies in the first couple hours of use.

Fully charge the battery ¶ 

After phone completely dies, let it charge overnight or 8+ hours. If phone still has same symptom, you will need to replace the battery.

Replace the battery ¶ 

If the phone still dies faster than normal, you should replace the battery.

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