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Nikon N2000 (F301) Troubleshooting

I can't find the 'on' button

That's because there isn't an 'on' button. This camera, being a film camera, is ready to take pictures as long as the batteries are functional. To check the battery, look inside the viewfinder and lightly press the shutter button. A red LED should light up for 16 seconds on the right side of this view. If the charge is low, the light will dim more quickly. If the LED does not light, you probably need to replace the batteries.

Note: The light will not turn on if the shooting mode dial is on B.

I can't take pictures

This could be for one of several reasons.

No batteries/Dead batteries

Use a quarter to twist open the large metal screw on the bottom of the camera to open the battery compartment and replace the batteries, ensuring that they're facing the right way.

Corroded batteries

Battery corrosion is a common problem with these cameras. If your camera has bluish-white buildup in the battery compartment, you may need to clean the battery connection points.

Non-functioning battery compartment

Sometimes cleaning the corrosion isn't enough. If you're still not getting power after cleaning the corrosion, you may need to replace the battery compartment.

Lack of film

Ensure that you have film in the camera. To insert film, open the film compartment by lifting up the film rewind lever. Insert the cartridge into the left side of the compartment. Pull the film leader (the dark plastic section that first comes out of the cartridge) across the compartment to the red marking. Close the back compartment and press the shutter button to automatically advance the film.

Note: Make sure you set the film speed scale (the dial around the film rewind lever) to DX or the appropriate speed, depending on the film you are using.

I can't mount the lens

Ensure that you are using one of the compatible lenses listed in the manual. If you're using a compatible lens and it won't fit, examine the lens mount ring. It may need to be replaced.

The viewfinder is blurry

Wipe off the eyepiece with a microfiber cloth. Remove the lens and clean off the mirror inside the camera body (you may have to pull it down) using a compressed air can or Dust Blower. Do not spray for more than a second. Do not wipe off the lens. If the viewfinder is still blurry, you may have to send it back to Nikon to get it professionally cleaned.

The aperture setting/zoom functions aren't working

This means that your camera dials aren't talking to your camera lens. You need to replace the communication board.

Any other questions?

If there's anything you couldn't find here, check out the device page.

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Hi, I own an old non-working F-301, and would like to use the focusing screen in another camera (if it ‘s possible). Can you explain me how to pull it out safely from F-301? Thanks a lot!

Steven Frey, photographer

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