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Petnet SmartFeeder SF10E Troubleshooting

This page will help you diagnose and solve problems with the first generation 2015 Petnet SmartFeeder SF10E.

SmartFeeder/ SmartBowl is not charging

The pet feeder does not respond when plugged in nor does it show signs of charging.

Petnet app does not indicate device charging

Take out the metal tray from the SmartBowl to check for any charging errors. Power off the SmartBowl and then power it back on. Plug out the micro-USB cord and plug it back in. Now, on your Petnet app, check to see if your Smart Feeder is connected. The app should say “SmartBowl Online.” There should also be a battery symbol with a bolt inside of it to indicate that the device is plugged in and charging.

SmartBowl is not plugged in

The glowing white light on the front of the feeder lights up when the device is charging. If it not on, make sure that the device is plugged in. Check the wall plug to make sure that the micro USB is plugged into the wall plug and the device itself. Then, make sure that the SmartBowl is secure.

Battery is low

Your Smartfeeder may not be fully charged. Try to charge your device overnight in order to reach the maximum battery life. Check if the PetFeeder starts flashing lights. If there is no response to these steps, you may need to purchase a new micro USB cable.

12 pin connector is damaged

Your 12 pin connector may be damaged. Release the SmartBowl by pressing the button under the manual feed button and Petnet logo. Inside the Feeder Base, on the bottom right, are 12 gold connection pins.

If any of the pins are stuck or damaged, you can replace the 12 pin connector using our replacement guide.

Battery is faulty

The SmartFeeder has a lifespan of 8-10 hours when fully charged. If the device charge does not last this long, the battery may be faulty.

You can replace the internal battery using our guide.

SmartFeeder not dispensing food

Smartfeeder does not dispense any food into the bowl, even if the app is working normally

Food dispensing mechanism is broken

The SmartFeeder may have a broken internal dispensing mechanism. Refer to our

food dispensing wheel replacement guide to restore functionality to your SmartFeeder.

SmartFeeder is empty

Double check that there is food in the top basin of your SmartFeeder. Open the top of the basin and refill it with your selected food. Ensure that the food is dry kibble with a size of ⅛” to ⅝”, as other food may not be dispensed through the mechanism.

SmartFeeder is jammed

Pellets are stuck in dispensing mechanism

Some shapes of food pellets may become stuck behind the SmartBowl while the SmartFeeder is dispensing normally. Eventually, pellet buildup in this area can reach back into the dispensing mechanism and cause a jam. Petnet offers a ramp which supports the SmartFeeder at an angle. The ramp helps food slide into the bowl easier and prevents food build up.

Pellets are stuck to bowl

If there are food pellets stuck to your metal tray, Petnet recommends that you wash the tray with soap and water. They recommend washing every two to three days. Oily foods are more likely to stick to the bowl.

SmartFeeder displays multiple low battery warnings

Your Petnet App shows multiple low battery warnings.

SmartFeeder is not plugged in

Ensure that your device is plugged into a wall outlet for A/C power.

SmartFeeder USB cable is not plugged in

Ensure the USB cable is securely plugged into the feeder body. Check to see if there is no damage to the USB cable, you may need to purchase a new cable.

SmartFeeder bowl is not installed in body

Ensure that the bowl is securely pushed all the way into the feeder base. You can also charge the Feeder Bowl directly by removing the bowl from the base and accessing the USB port on the back of the bowl. Plug in the USB charging cable to the Feeder Bowl port and open you Petnet App. Go to "Device Page" and at the top of the page look for a green charging icon.

SmartFeeder is not connecting to wireless network

Your SmartFeeder has trouble connecting to your wireless network.

Your phone has firewalls in place

To connect your SmartFeeder to your wireless service, you must pair the SmartFeeder to your phone first. If your SmartFeeder has firewalls in place, they may prevent the SmartFeeder from properly connecting to your phone. Make sure you turn off any firewalls you may have enabled before attempting to connect the SmartFeeder to your phone.

Your phone is connected to a 5GHz network

To connect your SmartFeeder to your wireless service, your phone must be connected to a 2.4GHz network. 2.4GHz networks offer wireless service at a longer range, which is necessary for the SmartFeeder.

Your phone is not properly placed on the SmartBowl

To connect your Smartfeeder to your wireless service, your phone must be placed on the left side of the SmartBowl with the Petnet logo facing towards you. After clicking the “Connect” button on your phone, place it face down on the left side of the SmartBowl until the SmartBowl displays a set of green lights.

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