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Samsung BlackJack Troubleshooting

Phone does not turn on

Battery will not charge

Invalid or missing SIM card

Correspondent cannot hear

  • In area of low service.
    • Move to a more open area with less overhead cover.
  • Microphone is not near mouth.
    • Move phone so that the microphone is near your mouth.
  • Microphone is obstructed.
    • Replace microphone.
  • Microphone is loose or broken.
    • Replace microphone.

Will not boot past startup screen

Cannot hear through earpiece

  • Volume setting is too low.
    • Increase volume.
  • Poor service.
    • Move to more open area with less overhead cover.
  • Speaker is loose or broken.

Phone has poor reception

Keypad is unresponsive

  • Battery is not charged.
    • Charge battery.
  • Buttons are lose or broken.

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