Samsung Eternity Troubleshooting

Phone screen stays black even after you tried all possible ways to turn on the phone.

  • Check your phone and see if its battery is charged. You may have a drained battery. You need to plug the charger into the phone and charge it for couple minutes, then try turning the phone on.
  • The phone may be working and nothing appears on the screen. If this is the case, your phone may have a broken display. You can decide to either repair the display or replace it.
  • A bad motherboard can cause disconnection between components which are required to turn the phone on. These components are in the motherboard. You may need to replace the motherboard.
  • Go to your phone's brightness setting. Check if you have set the brightness to minimum. You may need to adjust the brightness back to normal.

Phone still does not charge after you plug in the charger.

  • If the charger does not work properly after you plug it into the phone.You may need to buy a new charger.
  • Since phone batteries are only designed to charge for a certain number of cycles, you may want to try buying a new battery.
  • Make sure you plug the charger into the phone correctly. Check to see if the charging icon appears on the screen.

Phone does not make any sounds when receiving phone calls or text messages.

  • You may have lowered the volume accidentally. You can always go back to the volume setting and adjust the volume.
  • Check if the speaker works while using speakerphone. If the speaker is broken, the phone will likely need to be replaced or you can replace the speaker.

You may have tried tapping your phone's LCD touchscreen many times, but it is still not responding.

  • You may have a cracked LCD touchscreen on your phone. This can be a problem causing the touchscreen to not function. Replacing the touchscreen will be the only way to solve this problem.
  • Your phone may have the bleeding problem which means you will see blue liquid on the screen. If this is the case, your phone will require a new LCD touchscreen.

Phone stays locked when you keep tapping the screen.

  • Sometimes you may not even notice that you have locked your phone when you leave it in your pocket or backpack. If you want to unlock your phone, first of all, turn your phone on without the SIM card. Then press the Dial Menu on the standby screen. Next, you will need to type in an eight digit unlock code which you can obtain it by calling AT&T Technical Support. After all these steps have been done, your phone should be unlocked.
  • You may want to try the way above to unlock your phone. If the phone still locked. You may need to call AT&T Technical Support for help.

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