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Sanyo VPC-T850 Troubleshooting

A 8.1 Megapixel camera released by Sanyo on May 16, 2008.

The camera lens is stuck in its position

Your camera’s lens will not move when trying to focus or zoom in on an object.

Dirt, dust, or grime in the lens

Look around and between the spaces of your camera’s lens for any small particles that may be blocking the lens’ movement. Use a small tool to remove any noticeable obstructions, then use a slightly moist microfiber cloth to clean any additional grime around the lens. After removing all or most of the grime, reboot the camera.

Malfunctioning shutter button or zoom lever

If the camera can move the lens by auto-focusing on objects but the zoom lever cannot, then there may be a problem with the lever itself. This will require taking apart the camera to replace the shutter button apparatus.

Dented/Scuffed lens

Check your lens for any dents, scratches, or deep scuffs that could be preventing the lens from receding into the camera. Any noticeable blemishes like this will require you to replace the lens.

The camera will not capture any more pictures

The camera prevents you from taking pictures or will not save any pictures to the memory card.

Protected memory card

Remove your memory card from the camera and look for any physical switches on it. Sliding this switch to the other end will disable write protection and allow your camera to save pictures onto it.

Filled memory card

If your camera suddenly stopped taking anymore picture, then the memory card may already be filled. Remove your memory card from the camera and insert it into the SD card slot of any laptop or computer. The computer should recognize the memory card as a storage device, allowing you to transfer pictures and files from the memory card to your computer. This will free up space in your memory card, allowing you to return it to your camera to take more pictures.

Corrupted memory card

If there is no physical write protection switch and the memory card is empty, then the memory card may need to be reformatted through a Windows or Mac computer.

Caution: Doing this will completely erase all contents stored in the memory card.

If reformatting the memory card does not solve the problem, then it may need to be replaced with a new one.

Malfunctioning lens

If the memory card appears to be functioning properly, then the problem may be caused by the camera not auto-focusing correctly. This can be caused by a malfunctioning lens motor, and solving the problem may require replacing the lens.

The camera will not turn on

When the power button is pressed, the camera either has no reaction or immediately shuts back down.

Faulty battery

The Sanyo VPC-T850 comes included with a removable Li-ion rechargeable battery. If the camera will not turn on after pressing the power button, then the battery can be a definite cause to the problem. However, replacing the battery is a quick and simple fix, as ordering a replacement battery costs only $9.99 USD.

If you’re not in the mood to spend money, then there is another option for you: a full recharge. In order to accomplish this, completely drain the battery (make sure it is dead by trying to turn it on) and then connect the charger. The battery needs to charge for at least 48 hours before testing. This is a common fix for Li-ion batteries.

Malfunctioning display

Before you lose hope, after retesting the battery and going out to buy a new one, you should check if the camera itself is turning on but the screen is not. If the display is the problem, follow the guide for replacing the display.

The pictures taken with the camera come out dark

When taking a picture (using flash or not), the picture appears dark.

Malfunctioning flash

This problem can be caused by the fact that the light bulb for the flash is dead. The best way to fix this problem would be to disassemble the camera itself, replace the old bulb with the existing bulb, and then reassemble the camera. This method can be dangerous however, as the capacitor in a camera’s flash can carry a charge for months to years. If you are not confident in your skills then it is best to call the company and request they repair the camera themselves.

Broken shutter

If the flash on the camera itself is not the problem then we’re looking for what is causing the camera’s flash to malfunction. A common problem that causes a camera’s flash to not work is that the camera’s shutter is not working properly. The camera and flash must be synchronized in order for the shutter to open fully. If the shutter is not open completely then the pictures will come out dark or hard to recognize. Quick steps in order to fix a jammed shutter are:

  1. Set your camera to manual.
  2. Turn off any features that might drain the battery (image stabilization, flash, LCD view ...etc).
  3. Set your shutter to the slowest speed possible (15-30 seconds).
  4. Take a picture.
  5. Open the battery door during the exposure and then close it right up. The momentary power interruption during exposure time might be able to jog your shutter open.
  6. Repeat until your shutter is no longer stuck.

The camera will not recharge through the USB connector

When you connect to the USB connector, the camera does not show any signs of charging.

Faulty USB connector

If your camera will not charge through your USB connector then this could be easily be resolved by purchasing a new connector. This connector can be purchased on Ebay.com or Amazon.com for as little as $4.99 USD. Some USB connectors are commonly broken through excessive use, exposed wires, or water damage. Once you obtain the new USB connector, check that it is the correct one and then find a reliable power source (outlet, computer USB port, etc.) to plug your camera in.

Defective battery

If the camera is functional on the USB connector but not by itself, the problem is your battery. Refer to the battery replacement guide for instructions on how to resolve problem.

Broken camera port

If the above steps fail then something might be wrong with your camera's charging port. First, check that your device is firmly plugged into the USB port. Check that the other side of the USB cord is also firmly plugged into a reliable power source. Wiggle the device side to side to see if there is a loose connection. Look into the camera port and check if the connector inside is in the proper position. If the camera is facing up, then the connector will be on the right side with three gold colored bars on it. If the above steps do not work, or you see the camera port is not in uniform position, then email Sanyo to describe your issue to them.

Follow this link to file a customer service complaint to Sanyo.

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