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After pressing the power button normally, the phone remains powered off.

Software updates and other installed software can cause changes to the startup routine. The startup software may be slow to start booting up the phone.

The power button itself may be misaligned or damaged. The button may be reseated or replaced such that a good connection is made.

Try re-seating the battery. If there is no change, connect the charger and attempt to charge. Attempt to power on the phone again. If there is still no change, the battery may be malfunctioning. Seek out a replacement battery.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the LCD display is malfunctioning. It may need replaced, but exhaust other options before choosing this solution.

LCD Replacement Guide

The phone swivel which reveals the keypad is loose or will not stay in place.

Over time, the stress of opening and closing the swivel may work the swivel assembly screws loose. The screws holding the swivel assembly to the phone may need tightening.

Swivel Tightening Guide

The phone swivel which reveals the keypad is stuck closed or requires extra force to open.

Fine debris can lodge itself in the mechanical workings of the phone. Check between the two sections of the phone for objects like sand or lint. These can cause the swivel to stick.

Corrosion from the environment or manufacturing defect can cause the swivel bearing to grind or seize. The bearing in the phone swivel may be damaged and require replacement.

The phone displays a solid white screen after disconnecting the device from a computer via USB cable.

The phone may have experienced an error while disconnecting from the computer. Allow at least 30 minutes with the white screen up for the phone software to attempt recovery. If the phone fails to correct itself after at least 30 minutes, the base firmware on the phone may be irrevocably damaged and require factory replacement. Use safe USB disconnection methods ("Safely Remove Hardware" on the taskbar right-click menu) to prevent this issue.

The phone's LCD is almost white with faded colors.

LCDs sometimes fade over time with extended use or damage, and occasionally a bad LCD may ship from the factory. Regardless of the cause the phone's LCD is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

LCD Replacement Guide

When the phone is flipped to display the keypad, the phone turns off.

The twisted cable connecting the two sections of the phone is flexed every time the swivel is opened and closed. This causes wear and tear over time. The connecting cables between the two halves of the phone may be damaged and require replacement.

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