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You have tried, but your calculator won't to turn on.

The batteries in your calculator may be dead. Try changing the four triple AAA.

The constrast on your screen may be too low and you can't see what is there. Try pushing the on button and then pushing the [2nd] button and the up button to increase the contrast.

The memory in your calculator may be corrupted. Remove one AAA battery and press and hold [CLEAR] , while you are holding the button reinsert the battery.

It is possible the operation system is malfunctioning on your calculator. Remove one AAA battery and press and hold [DEL] , while you are holding the button reinsert the battery.

Your calculator's motherboard may be bad, you can try replacing it. Here are some helpful instructions.

You are pushing the buttons but nothing is happening.

A keyboard contact may have shorted, replace the keyboard which is part of the motherboard. You can get instructions here.

The keyboard mat in your calculator may be torn or damaged. It can be replaced with these directions.

If a key is cracked it may not be pushing on the keyboard mat properly. Install a new key with these instructions.

for some reason black spots are on your screen.

Pressure was most likely applied to the screen and the crystals are damaged, replace the screen with these useful instructions.

Oh No! You dropped your calculator and the case is cracked.

Your case is broken and needs to be replaced. You can find instructions here.

When you try to access a program it isn't there.

The battery that runs the memory when the main batteries are out is dead. It can be replaced with these instructions.

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I can't open the back to change the batteries in my TI 83 plus calculator. I don't think there is batteries in it. What should I do?

pisces312k - Ответить

Use a Hammer

Harry Poosie -

thank you so much. I tried some tips in this post and my calculator finaly works. it turns out there is somethibg wrong with RAM.

mickizhuo - Ответить

THANK YOU! i inserted my batteries and it still didn't come on. I googled and came to this page and tried the RAM issue option and it turned right back on.

christianxjones - Ответить

My calculator won't work, my water bottle spilled in my back pack while my calculator was inside. And now the screen is acting glitchy what do I do?

Savannah Anaya - Ответить

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