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Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5095 Troubleshooting

Screen won't turn on, even when power is on ¶ 

Brightness Setting ¶ 

If you turn computer on but there is no display, check to see what your brightness is set to. Sometimes it is turned down so far that the screen seems like it is off.

System Reset ¶ 

As with many cases, the problem could be fixed by a simple a system reset.

  1. Power off your computer
  2. Unplug everything from the unit including the AC
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds
  5. Replace the battery and then AC
  6. Power on

To ensure that everything is working properly:

  1. At the Toshiba logo screen press 'F2' to enter the BIOS Setup
  2. In setup, press 'F9' to load setup defaults
  3. Press 'F10' to save and exit

Broken LCD ¶ 

Hold the laptop next to a bright light to shine on the screen.

Is anything visible? If you can see a very faint display of what the screen should be displaying, there is a problem with the LCD's screen backlight not working.

This warrants LCD screen replacement. To replace your LCD, check out this Youtube video:

Faulty Graphics Card ¶ 

Can you hook up an external monitor to confirm the laptop's graphics subsystem is working? Check the owners guide to find the Fn+key combo that activates an external monitor. If you get a display, that will rule out bad graphics chip.

If there is no display, you have a problem with your graphics card.

Insufficient Power ¶ 

If your battery and/or AC adapter is broken, your computer won't get sufficient power to its display systems.

  1. Try powering the laptop with battery alone
  2. Then connect the power cord to the computer with and without battery
  3. If display still does not change from black screen, try a brand new adapter

If this still doesn't work, try the following:

  1. Look for a short or a poor connection around the power switch
  2. The cable/hinge may be shot. The cable is seated into the motherboard and into the LCD panel. It can come loose and cause the problem you are having. Since the cable runs through the hinge, it is possible that it has frayed and/or gotten cut
  3. Try to re-position or reconnect the cable, or maybe buy a more reliable cable

Also, try changing the BIOS settings; specifically: "Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode." Change the setting from "Dynamically Switchable" to "Always Low."

Defective BIOS ¶ 

If you are not seeing lights flashing or hearing any hard drive action, and the reset did not work, your BIOS has probably become corrupted.

BIOS Recovery procedures:

You may need to dismantle your unit partially to check what make of BIOS you have, before using the above recovery procedures.

Disassembly Instructions:

Identify and replace your BIOS. If you are not comfortable or not able to try these things on your own, then it's time for some professional help.

Confused/Need Help? ¶ 

If you are not too technically savvy, then try to get professional help. To locate a Service Center, go to:

Extra Repair Guides for Toshiba ¶ 

For additional self-repair troubleshooting guides, check out Toshiba's website:

Sound isn't working ¶ 

Sound is not coming out of your laptop. You already checked to make sure that your volume is not muted or on a low setting and the sound is still not working.

Sound Driver Is Disabled ¶ 

After making sure that your volume is not muted, check to make sure that your sound driver is enabled.

  1. From the start menu click on the Control Panel
  2. From here, type in the search box Device Manager
  3. Click on Device Manager
  4. From here, click on the sound option
  5. Find your sound driver
  6. Right click on your sound driver and click enable if shown

Sound Driver Was Uninstalled ¶ 

Did you install something new or did your laptop recently decide to update? If so, there is the possibility that this newly installed program hasn't been updated yet. To see if this is the problem, restart your laptop and see if the problem has been solved.

If restarting your computer doesn't fix the sound and the sound driver is nowhere to be found, try the following:

  1. Go to Toshiba's manufacturer website
  2. Go to the Support section and there should be links for drivers
  3. After entering Toshiba Satellite L655D S5095, find the appropriate sound driver and re-install it

Headphone Jack Still Works ¶ 

Try plugging headphones into your laptop and see if they work. If your headphones still emit sound, but the speakers themselves do not work, it is possible that a prong is bent back so that the laptop speakers are disconnected once the headphones are removed.

When you unplug the headphones, the the prong should spring back and reestablish the speaker connection. If this does not occur, an unorthodox solution to this common problem is to insert the headphones and wiggle them within the jack. Oftentimes this reestablishes the prong connection.

Speakers Are Broken ¶ 

Assuming sound is still not coming out of your speakers after checking the sound driver and the headphone jack, you likely have a hardware issue as opposed to a software issue. Perhaps your speakers are blown and need to be replaced.

CD Drive doesn't open ¶ 

Your CD drive won't open, or opens inconsistently.

Drive Not Recognized ¶ 

If the DVD/CD drive is unresponsive, first check to see if your system is recognizing it.

  1. Select the Start Menu
  2. Select the My Computer option
  3. Go to the Devices with Removable Storage section
  4. There should be a drive named something similar to DVD/CD RW Drive

If the drive is not there, and you have Windows Vista or XP, the following link should do the trick:

If the drive is not there, and you have Windows 7, Microsoft has an extensive troubleshooting forum here:

Will Not Open ¶ 

If everything seems like it should be working and the drive still won't open, your drive may be dead or dying.

Straighten a paper clip and gently push it into the hole in next to the drive's eject button. This will open the drive and allow you to test it's functionality.

Does Not Read ¶ 

Once you've opened the CD drive, try inserting a CD you don't care much for. Check My Computer for any recognition of your disc. If the CD operates properly and you are comfortable with using a paper clip to open your drive, then more power to you.

Otherwise, here's an easy, step-by-step guide for replacing it: Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5095 CD/DVD Drive Replacement

Laptop won't hold a charge ¶ 

Your laptop won't stay powered on for more than a couple minutes, or won't charge at all, while the charger is plugged in..

Bad Battery ¶ 

If your computer will only power on when the power adaptor is connected, then you probably have a dead battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a sort usable lifespan. This means that after a certain period of time, the battery will not be able to hold a charge. In order to test to see if this is the problem do the following:

  • Disconnect the battery from the laptop
  • Try to turn the device on while the AC adapter is connected

If the laptop turns on and stays on, then your battery is bad and needs to be replaced. This guide will aid you in replacing your battery: Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5095 Battery Replacement

Bad AC Adapter ¶ 

If your laptop will not turn on or hold a charge after the previous step, you probably have a faulty power adapter. Unfortunately there is not fix that you can do at home and you need to get a new one.

Microphone doesn't work ¶ 

You are trying to Skype, but your friend cannot hear you. Perhaps your microphone is not a registered device on your computer. Often, a faulty microphone is caused by buggy software. Luckily, this can be fixed painlessly by a quick re-install. These following sections will be quick tutorials on how to repair the problem.

Installed New Windows Driver, Microphone Stopped Working ¶ 

It is possible that Toshiba's software has bugs and has caused your computer to stop talking to the microphone. No worries, try uninstalling the microphone driver:

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • In the search bar type Device Manager and press enter
  • Under the microphone section select Conexant microphone driver
  • Select uninstall

Once uninstalled, install the ORIGINAL microphone driver. Remember, the newer driver broke your machine, you should eliminate factors that are potentially causing your machine to malfunction. Toshiba Sound Drivers Click on the '+' icon next to "Conexant Audio Driver" to reveal older software versions.

Microphone Works Sometimes, Control Panel Doesn't Detect It ¶ 

Again, this could be a software issue. Uninstall and re-install an updated microphone driver from Toshiba. Newest Sound Driver

Last Resort ¶ 

Try seeing if your computer is in fastboot mode:

  • Reboot your computer into its BIOS
  • Hold down a the F2 key when the computer is starting up
  • Browse (with your arrow keys) to see if your computer is in fastboot mode
  • If it is, you can turn it off
  • Save your settings
  • Reboot

If none of these techniques have worked, you will want to replace your microphone. Here is a helpful guide: Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5095 Chat Camera and Microphone Daughter Board Replacement.

Camera not working ¶ 

If you are away from home and you are trying to Skype with your family, but they cannot see you on the screen. More than likely your camera is broken.

Device Driver ¶ 

The first thing to check is to make sure the camera driver is enabled.

  • From the start menu click on the Control Panel
  • From here type in the search box "Device Manager"
  • Click on Device Manager
  • From here click on the Imaging Devices option.
  • Find your camera driver
  • Right click on your camera driver and click enable if shown

Replacing Your Camera ¶ 

Assuming your have the correct driver and your camera is not working, you will have to replace the camera. Here is a helpful guide: (PUT LINK HERE)

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