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How can I open my remote control?


My remote's power button is not responding lately. So I need to open my remote to open it up in order to reach the power button.

Can you help me how to do it? And even how to fix it?

Unfortunately the model of my remote has been cleaned. But I believe there is a basic way to fix it.

Thanks for your great work. I've been chasing your works. You're awesome.

Thanks ifixit Team.

Greetings, Alireza.

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There is no screw,then how to open my remote


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Here is a link which shows how to open a remote control. It really starts showing at about 2:00 minutes into the video. I have found that the wider the blade of the implement used to open the case the easier it is to open and the less damage is caused. Screwdrivers can cause a lot of cosmetic damage. I use a 1" paint scraper to great effect.


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How to open my remove control


Sony smart tv control


I was worried about that method in case there were hidden screws ... but it worked , I got my remote open now ;)


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I have Sony remote controls that don't have screws or the opening holes at the back. The top (button side) is clipped to the bottom and has overhanging lips that cover the seam on the sides. These can be opened with a thin flat blade (such as a decorators scraper). Turn the remote so the buttons face downwards and gently slide the blade downwards under the side lip half way along the side of the remote and then gently work along that side to both ends to release all catches on that side. Repeat on the other side.

Then clean the contacts on the circuit board and the rubber buttons with contact cleaner. I've found glass cleaner and cleaning alcohol also work

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Almost every TV remote is held by latches.

See if you find any screws, may be one or two in the battery compartment and after opening them just pull apart the remote from the middle.

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I understand that. But the problem is there is no screw. It held by latches.

I want to know how to open without making too much damage?


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