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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Not starting up - Chime, 5 beeps, a short chime and another beep

Uggh! Okay,this is the latest in a series of replacements/repairs to my Macbook since July of '09 - and still can not get it going. 1st the harddrive died - bought new one and had to replace the bottom case so the new harddrive would seat correctly (cracks in case,) the case replacement came and apparently there are 2 diffent models on the macbook 13" that go by the same model number but are not identical - replaced the back case again once the difference was dicovered during reassembly. As I was installing the new system (via CD system disks) the optical drive died. Replaced with a Superdrive. When reassembling it again I snapped the keybourd cable that attaches it to the logic brd. Woohoo, lucky aint I! Got a new keybrd - reassembled. Started up once after many tries and gave me a Kernel Message telling me to restart my computer (in multiple languages.) Now when I try to startup it sounds as though the optical drive is trying to eject a disk or is looking for one (none in the drive) while making the long startup chime followed by 5 beeps then a short chime then another beep and thats it -- nothing but illuminated grey on the screen. Help anyone! The chime/beep combination must indicate some code for the current issue.

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Here's a link to the Apple page describing what the different beeps mean: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1547

Five beeps apparently means "processor is not usable."

One beep means "no RAM installed."

Just speculating, but maybe the chime in between the beeps indicates a second error message? So first the five beeps indicating the processor trouble, then the chime, and then one beep indicating RAM trouble?

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I will open it back up and make sure the RAM is seated correctly Thanks.

On the Apple page describing the beep codes it states that a startup sound would not be heard in combination to the beeps. Based on that I thought maybe there was a specific meaning when combined with the beeping.

I left the MacBook at a friends so I'll be digging back into it this weekend.

I tried zapping the PRAM but it does not recognize any keybrd shortcut -- does not get past the chime/beep condition.


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Wow, that beep combination is a new one for me...maybe it's morse code? Just kidding.

Have you tried resetting the PMU and PRAM since you've put the machine back together? Sometimes doing that can help with erratic behavior. Also, this sounds silly, but you put the memory back in the machine, right? And the memory is known to be good?

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Does it Sound Like S.O.S? I've seen plenty of these macbooks beep out SOS if the firmware on the board has become corrupted. Check out the Apple Downloads section for the appropriate "Firmware Restoration Disk" for your Macbook. Its worth a shot.

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here is another error message that I am having...

I opened my MacBook's fan for cleaning, when I put everything back and press the power button, it beeps 3 times (like a monkey)

apple web site says 3 beep means;

3 beeps = no good banks

what is that suppose to mean? help please...

thanks in advance...

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that means that your memory is defectife or most likely - it has to be reseated


Hey @unsubstantiated and @reedcrosby04 this post answer is from 2010. is you turn it into a question, it will probably be abandoned by this user, as its been 8 years or so. I recommend you just remove a duplicate or off topic instead of making it a question with posts older than 1 year. @oldturkey03 once told me this.


hello again!

I also found the answer here


it is a problem of RAM, if one of the RAM is not readable to memory (means RAM banks is no good) then it beeps 3 times...


@captainsnowball Thanks for noticing this. I didn't check the date before I voted.


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