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Air Conditioning not working

I had my Air conditioning re gassed less than 12 months ago and its now blowing warm air,is this right? how long should it last? is there a fuse i could check?

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In my case, the A/C high-speed cooling fan doesn't come on resulting in too high a pressure and unable to recharge properly. Initially, I found the twin condenser blower relays completely melted due to loose connections on the relay terminals. I replaced both relays but I can't get the blowers to go on high speed. If I jumper the series relay contacts in front of radiator, one blower turrns off and the other goes on high speed. Are both fans supposed to go to high speed or does one turn off while the other goes to high? Please help. I would really appreciate your advice. It's a Xsara saloon 1988 model, twin front cooling fans. Thank you.


Hi sir.in my Citroen c8 fan not working...we checked through dialbox it's working low and high properly...in engine there is one fault it's permanent..THERMOSTAT OPEN CIRCUIT...we changed thermostat but problem still...please help me


The heater on drivers side has stopped blowing out hot air, passenger side still working


My Berlingo 2003 Diesel Aircon stopped working. The garage spent almost 2 hours looking for the reason without any luck. Does anyone know where the gas pressure sensor is situated?


I'm having a problem with Mine just got a 2011 c3 and when I put my heater on 1-4 nothing when I chose 5 it blows really firece confuses


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Start with the Fuse. (It will be listed on your Fuse Panel). If that seems OK, then next check the Compressor Relay. (It will be listed on your Fuse/Relay Panel). If that seems OK then - if you can - check the tightness all (if its possible to get at them) AC Hose Couplings. If they all seem tight, then check the operation of the Compressor itself by taking the top off the Compressor Relay and manually operate the Relay Contacts. (WITH SOMETHING NON-METALIC!). If the Compressor operates, then your Relay isn't getting electrical power. Next check the Presostat. This works off the AC Coolant Liquid contained in the System which operates under pressure. The Presostat detects the AC Coolant pressure (via in-built pressure sensor) and, if the pressure is OK, sends an electrical signal to operate Compressor Relay. If you get no electrical signal from the Presostat, then a likely cause is either the Presostat itself, or a blockage in the Evaporator, OR at worst, Leaking AC Hoses and/or the Specialised AC Hose Coupling Washers.

A point of note: When the technician charges the AC System with new AC Coolant (Liquid), the Charging Equipment normally checks the Required Coolant Pressure for your vehicle. Before (re) charging your Cooling System through the Compressor Valve (looks bit like a Tyre Valve), the Pressure is held for about a minute to confirm your AC System is actually holding the Pressure steady and is not 'dropping' due to a leak somewhere.

Hope this helps.

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You could have

a bad compressor, leaky hoses, or connectors, bad clutch or solenoid, blocked bad evaporator, aside from low coolant.

Check each potential problem area to identify the exact cause.

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