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Lightweight cordless vacuum sweeper for picking up crumbs and other small waste.

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Replacement Battery PG3000 Sweeper

I need a replacement battery for a PG3000. The charger and sticker do not tell me which replacement I need. Thanks.

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Would it be possible to purchase another PG3000? I have an old one and it still works great. I purchased a model L4000 at Walmart, and it doesn't do a good job, so I would like to purchase another PG3000.


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Hi @strebor ,

Here is an image taken from the ifixit guide on how to replace the batteries in your vacuum cleaner.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge it for better viewing - Sorry that is the best that I could enlarge it to) If you go to the image in the link (step 2) you may do better.

Swiffer SweeperVac Battery Replacement (PG3000)

It states that the contact phone number for the USA and Canada is 1-800-335-5594. I think, you may wish to double check this.

It also states that it is a 6V model, which means that you would require the 5 battery pack (5 x 1.2V batteries in series connection).

If you have lost the sticker off your cleaner, check to see what is printed on the AC power adapter as regards DC output value. To charge a 6V DC battery (5 cells ) you need at least a 7.2V charger. To charge a 7.2V battery (which you may have - 6 cells) then you would need at least a 9V charger. Alternatively open the vacuum cleaner and count how many are there.

If you cannot contact anyone and you wish to fix your vacuum cleaner, it may be just as easy to replace the batteries yourself.

According to the pictures in the Ifixit guide the cleaner uses NiCD type batteries, so to prevent overheating problems etc., with charging I suggest that you replace them with a similar type and not use the the now more popular NiMH type.

Here is a link to what I think are a suitable replacement. I know that there are 8 batteries in the offer and also that they are sub c size, but unless you can find them individually or as a 6 pack then you may have to consider these. Just search online for 6V (or 7.2V depending) NiCD battery c cell (this is the physical size). I also opted for the solder connection type as this makes it easier to install. (In the pictures in the guide they are "welded" together in series connection, i.e +ve from one cell to -ve on the next cell. so that you will have 1 +ve connection and 1 -ve connection out from the battery "pack" to connect to the cleaner.


Hopefully this is of some help.

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bad site---it says contact us with no way to really get a decent answer---how do I t/w someone????


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The replacement battery is a D-SC1600-(6x1.2v or 7.2v)

Charger will put out 14.7v @ no load & charge to 7.65v.

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