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broke a pin on my home button

I replaced the digitizer and lcd on my phone successfully, but hit a road block. one of the two pins on the home button was pushed the opposite direction. I tried to bend it back, but it broke! am I screwed or can i just get a new button without buying a whole new assembly? if so, is it hard to replace?

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if you aren't able to fix it with something different (like springs from a lighter or pen) - you have to replace it.

you can find the part on ebay (search for iphone 3gs home button)

use the front panel guide in order to replace the home button.

and to answer the last question - that depends - you already replaced the digitizer and that part must be removed again - thats the only way to replace the button

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Right, so I had the same problem and scoured the net for a cure. Couldn't find one but remembered someone saying something about tinfoil. I gave it a shot and it totally worked!

Open the phone carefully with the screen facing down, make sure you don't disconnect any cables. Grab a tiny piece of foil and fold it over and over until it is about the size of the missing prong plate. You're folding it so it has bulk and will make the connection with the other side, you don't want it super big; so flatten a little with pliers. Place carefully on the plate and close, ensuring that you do not move the phone or jiggle the foil out of place. Viola! You should have a working home button again.

Hope this helps.

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