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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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Power supply not working

I can not turn on the computer.

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Replacing a power supply is one of the easier things to do .


This will help in choosing a power supply


Although its not your brand here is a guide from ifixit that might give you a general idea of what to do Lenovo IdeaCentre K410 Power Supply Unit Replacement

Hope this helps

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I already replaced power supply also checked the old and new one, both are working OK, still unable to turn on the computer.


Try a hard reboot or reset . This is done by disconnecting the power cord so there is no power to thePC from any source. now hold down the power button for a full 60 seconds. This should discharge the cmos battery and clear the memory. Now plug in your computer and fire it up . Hope this helps .


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