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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Android operating system. The camera features 21x optical zoom and a 16 Megapixel sensor, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connectivity.

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Screen is blank, camera seems on

I have replaced the battery with a freshly charged one per the directions. The zoom lens opens and moves when I turn it on, the camera makes its normal beeping noises, but the screen is staying completely blank. The screen is not cracked. What is wrong, and what can I do about it?

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I also have same problem please answer camera make the noice of turning on even the lens come out but screen does not turn on people say change mode to auto or play by adjusting dial dont not how to please help


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William Bradley could be your dispaly. More sinister would be errors on your circuit board as well as torn/loose ribbon cables. At this point you would have to disassemble your camera and take a look at what you find. Use this guide to work on your camera. You could also try a hard reset. This will delete all your data

Turn on Samsung Galaxy Camera

Make sure the battery of Samsung Galaxy Camera is charged

Press and hold together Power Button and slide Zoom + for several seconds

If the menu appears in the dispaly, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset with Zoom + or Zoom -, press Power Button to ok or enter

follow the menu option to perform a hard reset Samsung Galaxy Camera

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OLED, not LCD, there's a big difference in how those two displays work.


@erfillion you are absolutely right, but it does not matter what type of display it is for the sake or replacing it. I will change the wording but not the content


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If your battery isn't the issue than it may be that your wiring has shorted. Having faulty connections to your motherboard is not allowing you screen to work properly. First make sure they are connected as they should be, if they are you may need to replace them all together.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Troubleshooting

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Pls how do you hard reset it


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Pls how do u hard reset it

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