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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Why does my Bluetooth cut out?

Whenever I raise the volume to over about 65 % I hear the drum signal and my Bluetooth cuts out. It keeps trying to reconnect but cuts out again. Once I lower the volume it holds a Bluetooth connection.

My Device is always really close to speaker, distance is not the issue.

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My speaker keeps cutting out every 10 seconds. The music cuts out then just gets loud again every 10-20 seconds. I’ve only had this speaker for 3 years


Good question. Mine is now doing the same thing. Have you found a fix? I have reset and re-paired the Bluetooth but still same issues. So annoying.


Why does My bluetooth mouse cut out every once in a while


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Just wondering if it is a power issue. Can you connect a charger and then turn up the volume past the 65% level? If it stays on, my thinking is that the battery cannot power the volume at that level and maintain the Bluetooth connection. Even though the battery may be fully charged it may be failing under load. How old is the battery?

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If your UE Boom speaker is having trouble pairing to another device via Bluetooth, see the UE Boom Bluetooth Pairing Is Not Working problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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