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The Honda Element was a compact crossover SUV based on a modified CR-V platform, manufactured in East Liberty, Ohio and offered in front-wheel and all-wheel drive formats

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How to repace ignition coil

how to replace my ignition coil 2003 element

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I Have The Same problem for 2005 Honda Element


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This does not have a single coil instead it has coil packs on top of each spark plug . They are easy to change out usually held down by a bolt and once removed you disconnect the wire harness and pull the boot. Did you get a error code on the OBDII or why are you wanting to change the coil . A misfire will be coded for you and will tell which one needs to be replaced Usually a po300-304 . you will need the fireing order to determine which coil pack to replace. when doing the replace its a good idea to replace the spark plug at the same time . Hope this helps

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there may be a cover over the valves that hides the plugs and coil packs depending on the year of the car


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