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Is the Samsung EVO 850 SSD compatible with the MacBook Air?

I need to buy hard drives for a few Macbook Airs, I'm considering the Samsung Evo 850 after reading some raving reviews about its performance. However, I can't seem to find any documentation from Samsung that indicates the compatibility of this drive. Can anyone tell me if this drive is compatible with the following Mackbook Air models:

  • A1370 (mid 2011 - 11')
  • A1369 (mid 2011 - 13")
  • A1466 (mid 2013 - 13")

I was surprised to find that the price of the Samsung Evo is very competitive. A new SSD drive is being sold on amazon for cheaper than what older/used drives are being sold for on eBay!

Also for future reference, is there a place where I can check the compatibility of SSD drives with Macbook Air.

Thank for any insight you can share.


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Don't bother. Those will not fit. iFixit carry replacement parts and Transcend offer storage solutions.


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Here's the Specs on this 2.5" drive:

None of the machines you listed will use it, They all take Apple proprietary mSATA flash drives.

Go to the guides on the individual machine and look at the Guides, the part numbers will be listed.

MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011 Solid-State Drive Replacement

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You may want to look at these Apple compatible SSD drives: Transcend SSD.

While I love Samsung drives they just won't work in your system.

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Excellent! When did these come out?


They have been making products for Macs for a few years now. I like their JetDrive Lite product as it just slides into the SD slot of either the newer MacBook Pro or Air systems.


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No. A 2.5" drive is not used on any of those macs and use a special form factor that is similar to m.2.

Lol rip, I got the wrong form factor..

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Ben, thanks for the added level of insight about the interface. I took another look at their website and it looks like they offer various interface options for all of their drives.

* 2.5 inch


* M.2

I have sent them a message, hopefully they will reply.


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