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The Mondo GDI-IRC6000, released in 2011 by Grace Digital, provides a combination speaker platform for both online radio streaming and digital audio playback.

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How do I add a battery upgrade?

I purchased the rechargable battery upgrade for the Grace Digital Mondo. How do I install it?

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There is a flat-head screw on the bottom of the device that attaches a large cover over a cavity in which the battery is held. Inside there should be a plug that you will attach to the battery.

Remember that plugging the Mondo into the wall will charge your battery, but leaving it plugged in will diminish the overall life of the battery.

Good luck!


thank you finally an answer! I probably could have figured it out but for the money charged how hard would it have been just to jot down on paper and include in box!


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After you add the extended battery upgrade, you may have problems with power. If this does happen, refer to our troubleshoot to identify any issues your having with your device.

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According to this link there are only 3 screws visible from the exterior of the product, and two of them are sunken so as to not be immediately obvious. Scroll down to Background and Identification.

Grace Digital Mondo Repair

Presumably if you undo these the back may come off so as to allow insertion and connection of the battery.

This link may be of interest as it has mixed reviews about using the battery mode of operation.


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